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It can be extremely difficult to clean tile and grout and even harder to maintain that appearance for an extended length of time. At Carpet Clean Company. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle your tile and grout cleaning requirements and restore the color and beauty that they once had.


Grout always gets dirty. There’s almost no way to avoid it. This is partly due to the porous nature of the grout because it only takes is a little water to make it a perfect home for mold to start growing, and foot traffic soil and food stains always cause serious discoloration. In most homes, tile is used in the areas that see a lot of use, which means that the grout can wear down very quickly and start to lose its appearance. If you’re ready to clean it all up, we can help you make everything look great again

Caring for Tile and Grout


Grout holds your tile together and protects it from certain kinds of damage, which is one of the reasons it is so important to clean it on a regular basis and make sure it is in good shape. If it starts to crack, or if water starts to get in under it, your tiles could have some real problems.

Continual maintenance can help you prevent a lot of this kind of damage, but there comes a time when you need professional tile and grout cleaning services to get at the deep soil that makes everything look so dingy. At Carpet Clean Company we can clean your tile and grout and restore it to a more pristine condition


Cleaning Mold and Mildew


Tile is often installed in places that are exposed to a lot of moisture, like the bathroom or the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the porous grout is the perfect breeding ground for mold. This will discolor the grout, but it can also cause a lot of health problems, especially if someone in the family suffers from asthma or allergies. This is why mold removal is such an important part of tile and grout cleaning.


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The longer mold has to grow, the more damage it can do, and if you are tired of looking at that old and dingy tile and grout, contact us to learn more about your options. You don’t have to replace the entire floor to make your home look better. We can clean up all the mold and restore the color and appearance of the grout to ensure you get the kind of floor you want.

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